Christian Politics

Politics and Religion; their connected history in the United States of America, and the future of the Christian voting block.

Friday, June 18, 2004

General Overview

The focus of this blog is to encourage Christians to unify their voting power in promoting God's agenda over man's personal agendas.

This goal can be accomplished by first understanding what "separation of church and state" was originally intended to accomplish, based on historial accuracy, not modern interpretation. Second we must look at the principles taught within the pages of the Bible and how those principles apply to our daily lives. Finally, we must compare those teachings with the professed goals of those seeking elected office and determine if their positions are in line with the beliefs of Christians.

Why is this important? Over the years, Christians have allowed themselves to become lax in electing people who will protect their rights and freedoms as Christians. Instead, we have allowed non-Christians and Christians without Christian values to win office and set policies we must live under. More than simple apathy, many Christians have neglected putting God first in the voting booth, choosing instead to vote based on personal agendas that lack God's direction and desires for man. If unified in the purpose of promoting God's will in our nation, the Christian population has the potential to be the largest voting block in the country, crossing all socio-economic ranges and encompassing all races.

Stay tuned for the first article, "The Intention of Separation of Church and State".